My Story

Feb 12, 2024
Hey, I'm Sidney, the person behind the shop :)

Personally, I always skip all the "introduction pages" and origin stories in all sorts of books. That's why I won't start doing it for myself here. This post will focus exclusively on my personal journey. However, if you're interested in how this shop and the idea behind it came to be, feel free to check out the shop's Instagram profile @shop.venolia.

Otherwise, feel free to read on and listen to my story.

When I was 18, I decided to drop out of school. There were various reasons for this, the most decisive being that I never really felt at home there. Afterward, I spent 4 years abroad in Vienna. There, I trained in powerlifting for 4 years, explored Austria, took my first job in IT, and practiced dog sports with my German Shepherds.

After 4 years, that chapter came to an end, and I moved back in with my parents. There, I made new plans, went on vacation alone to Norway for the first time, and simply enjoyed being home again. Because after 6 months, it was off abroad again for me, my two dogs, and a backpack. This time to Norway. I felt so comfortable there after my first and so far only vacation that I thought: "Yeah, why not?" So, I packed my bags and emigrated to Norway on a whim.

There, I saw the Northern Lights for the first time, explored the incredible nature, met great people, learned the language, and fell in love with the country. After 4 months, this chapter also came to an end, and I returned to my parents once again.

But this time, too, I didn't stay long. I spent 4 months in Germany while converting my first car into a camper. Meanwhile, I became self-employed in IT, started my training as a psychological consultant on the side, and adopted my third German Shepherd from the animal shelter. As you might guess, sleep was absolutely scarce at that time, and at this point: don't be like me, do it better and take care of yourself :). After surviving probably the most stressful months of my life, it was off to Scandinavia again for me and a childhood friend in June 2023. This time in my own car and with 3 German Shepherds. We explored Sweden and Norway together for a whole 3 months. We saw incredibly beautiful places, slept outside for the first time, searched in vain for moose, bought cucumbers for 4 €, a bottle of wine for 40 €, and mainly lived on "Knäckebröd" and butter.

As it slowly became too cold for us there, we decided to return to Germany. Upon arrival, my car went straight to the garage, where they told me that my clutch needed to be replaced, but they couldn't meet my deadline. So, it was off to Switzerland for an extended weekend for me and my 3 Shepherds, with a broken clutch, sweating bullets, and a pack of adventure lust. There, I participated in a seminar with my Shepherds to learn even more about dogs and their language. Then, with too much adrenaline due to the still broken clutch, it was off to France, where I already had an appointment at the garage.

3 hours before arriving at my apartment, my car decided to break down. In a country where almost no one speaks English. At least there was the internet! After a lot of excitement, Google Translator, and the smallest rental car in the world, it was on to my accommodation near Paris, where I spent a month.

After my car was fixed and I explored Paris for the first time, it was finally off to Portugal, where I spent 3 wonderful months and thus experienced winter in the warmth for the first time.

And yes, here I am, in Portugal, building up this shop. And I have big plans, many ideas, and visions that I want to implement to make the world a better place.

As this shop goes online, I'm on my way to Spain, where I will stay for two months to finally fulfill my dream of learning to surf. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't end up as shark bait so I can continue working on my passion project.

I have an important message to carry out, and for that, I need to be alive. I want people to feel heard, accepted, and loved through my shop and my products. You are unique! And I want to help you recognize and love that.

With your support, we can achieve great things together. Let's make a difference and change the world.

Feel free to check out my Instagram profile and be part of building a strong community and getting new projects rolling @shop.venolia.

Thanks for reading, feel hugged.