Ocean Organic Oversize Tee

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Size XS
Colour natural
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- 100% organic cotton
- 90s style
- Celebrates freedom and closeness to nature


The design symbolizes the freedom we feel when the salty wind ruffles our hair, the carefree feeling that surrounds us as we listen to the sound of the waves. It reminds us how liberating it is to simply exist, with bare feet in the sand, facing the vast horizon, and surrendering to the limitless vastness of the ocean.

The shirt is intended to remind you of those precious moments when you feel completely free and weightless, one with nature, without worries. With every wear you convey the message of living in the moment, seeking closeness to nature and celebrating the freedom that the sea gives us.

Care instructions

To preserve the quality of your shirt, we recommend turning it inside out before washing and washing it at a maximum temperature of 30°C. Please do not use a dryer or bleach the shirt. When ironing, be careful not to iron directly over the print to avoid damage.

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